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12 UNIVERSAL LAWS Masterclass

  • Unleash your manifestation powers to their full potential
  • Understand how the Universe works on an entirely new level
  • Gain clarity on challenges and moments of frustration in life & WHY they happen
  • Create success in your life like you'e never seen before
  • Make the manifestation process applicable to YOUR life

What Students Have To Say:

I love that Kathrin clearly explains what each law is and how it works, and also gives practical, real examples of how each law plays out or how to use the law to your manifesting advantage. Sometimes you get to the end of a masterclass like this wondering what the heck you're supposed to do know, but with this class, I've got my journal filled with notes about how to utilize this knowledge in my life and in my business. Thanks, Kathrin! Thanks, Universe!

Lauren Hopkins

I love Kathrin’s style and the way she shares her knowledge. She’s so easy to follow and understand. I loved this masterclass because it really goes into detail about all of the universal laws and how you need to utilise all of them to manifest what you desire. Not just the law of attraction! Which is a mistake I was making, pre this class. Since watching this video I have manifested WAY more money into my life and more job opportunities, without feeling like I was making a massive effort. And I just feel ten times more confident and joyful. I truly think sharing this knowledge is Kathrin’s gift and you should DEFINITELY invest in any and all of her courses. She is changing my life! Thanks so much, Kathrin. I’m incredibly grateful.


I felt like I read a whole life-changing book after experiencing Kathrin's 12 Laws teaching - there was so many ideas that just aligned with me and I seriously feel more understanding for the world. I love all of Kathrin's teachings, podcasts, live streams, emails because she covers IT ALL and it feels like I'm having a private sesh right then <3

Olivia Johnson